37signals, meet
Emerson Almeida

Hi, again, 37signals team,

I'm Emerson Almeida, with over a decade of experience in software development and a strong foundation in Ruby on Rails, I believe my skills align well with 37signals.

First of all, I've admired 37signals for years, and your principles have significantly influenced my approach to software development.

One of my most notable achievements was founding Megafono, the first podcast hosting platform in Brazil. This venture required me to handle everything from backend development to customer support, applying principles from 37signals' "Getting Real" and “Rework” to ensure a lean and efficient operation. The Megafono has some open source project you can take a look github.com/megafono.

At Youse Seguros, I led many developers across six teams, working on multi-million dollar projects. My role involves designing scalable architecture strategies and mentoring developers. This experience has strengthened my ability to lead by example, promote best practices, and ensure the delivery of robust software solutions.

In addition to my expertise in Ruby on Rails, I have extensive experience with JavaScript frameworks such as React, Stimulus and EmberJS. I have also worked with various technologies, including RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, and No-SQL databases, which have equipped me to tackle complex technical challenges effectively.

My technical journey is complemented by my experience in design and user experience (UX). I have a keen eye for creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, having designed and developed several products from scratch, including the frontend and backend components. This holistic approach to development ensures that the end product is not only functional but also delivers an excellent user experience.

While I recently transitioned into a managerial role, my passion remains in hands-on development. I enjoy solving complex technical problems and contributing directly to the codebase. My management experience improve my ability to lead development teams, promoting a culture of autonomy and trust.

I believe my background in Ruby on Rails, coupled with my leadership and technical expertise, makes me a strong fit for your team.

I love to experiment with different programming languages and contribute to open-source projects. Here are some examples of my contributions:

These projects highlight my ability to adapt to different technologies and my commitment to the open-source community.

Thank you for considering my application!